About the site

This blog was originally created as an add-on to my YouTube channel.  People were frustrated over the limited characters allowed in the comments on YouTube, so I created this blog as a place where people could leave longer and more in-depth responses to my videos.  However, since then the blog has taken on a new role.  Rather than just being a place where I can post links to YouTube videos, it has become a place where I can post share my opinion and commentary regarding many subjects and share the emails I receive (along with my responses to them). Although I am no longer posting to YouTube, I am still periodically posting new content to the blog.

About me: I am a former Christian who became an atheist after several years of studying the Bible and trying to prove it was true. I update this blog in my spare time.  My goal is to encourage critical thinking and shed light on the problems I see within religion and pseudoscience of all kinds.  I believe the truth can withstand scrutiny, so I ask questions and look for answers.

If your belief discourages inquiry, tells you not to question things or says you “aren’t supposed to understand” – these are signs that your belief is false and an admission that it can’t stand on its own merits.

If others are discouraging your quest for truth, it is because they are worried you will find it.

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