Tough Questions for Christians 2: Pay the Price

2000 years ago, Jesus died for the sins of all mankind. He paid the price to God for all of us, so we don’t have to. So the question is: Why then, do those who do not believe, still have a debt to pay?

You see, if Jesus paid for the crimes, and then we also have to pay the penance, then God is punishing two people for the same sin. He’s punishing me for sins he has already punished Jesus for.

Now I know, I know. Christians are going to say “But YOU didn’t accept Jesus’ offer, therefore YOU have to pay the price.” Well, it’s not really up to me to accept his offer.

You see. If I was in court and had been sentenced, and I had a fine I needed to pay. If you came up and told the judge you would like to pay the fine for me, it doesn’t matter what I say. It matters what the judge says.

You could actually go pay the judge without me even knowing about it, and then when I showed up the judge could say “No thank you, your fines have been paid. You’re free to go.”

But it’s the JUDGE who decides whether or not to accept the alternative sentence from the innocent party. It’s not me.

When Jesus supposedly died for our sins, it was a plea to God – to allow God to forgive us. Now it’s up to GOD to decide whether or not HE is going to accept Jesus’ offer.

Now I know that many denominations preach that God and Jesus are the same person, and all that bullshit, but it’s still the same idea. He has to convince himself, in this case, to accept the offer. It has nothing to do with me accepting Jesus, or you accepting Jesus, it has to do with God accepting Jesus. If God doesn’t accept him, he’ll send you to Hell. If God does accept him, then he’ll send Jesus to Hell. Which supposedly he’s already done. Jesus has finished and come back again.

If Jesus died for our sins, and Jesus paid the price already, then why is that 99% of the people on Earth are going to have to pay the same price again? God’s already been paid. God took the punishment from Jesus, he accepted it. He let Jesus die on the cross, sent Jesus to Hell, and did everything that Jesus needed to do — supposedly for everyone who has ever existed. But then he’s going to extract the exact same payment, the same sentence, the same fines if you will, from everyone else who lives.

So why is God being paid twice for the same sins?

If God has already been paid off, if Jesus has already died for my sins and Jesus has already “paid the fines,” why is there anything left for me, or other unbelievers, to be punished for?


Tough Questions for Christians 3: Worthless Gift

Imagine that one day I decide to give you $1 million as a gift. You’d be quite ecstatic I’m sure.

I come over in my car, I have several briefcases full of cash, and I give them to you. I tell you: “Here, this is yours. My gift to you.”

But, there is one rule you must follow with this money. You can’t spend it or invest it. You can just keep the money. And if you do spend it, even one dime, I will kill you.

Would you consider my gift to be “great” or “glorious” or “fantastic?” Or would you consider it a waste of time, a waste of space, and a useless gift?

Now, God gave everyone freewill, the ability to make choices – to do whatever we want to in life. But there’s a catch, we can’t use it.

A friend of mine defined sin in a way I’m sure most Christians will agree with, he said “Sin is anything that is contrary to the will of God.

So we have this “all-powerful,” “all-mighty” being who says: “Here is this great gift. I want you to have the freewill to do whatever you want. Instead of making you a robot, to do exactly what I tell you to, I’m going to give you the choice to do whatever you want. BUT – if you don’t do exactly what I tell you to, I’m going to burn you in Hell forever.”

Much like the $1 million dollars sitting in briefcases in your living room, that you can’t touch, you can’t spend, you can’t invest – you just have to let it sit there, freewill is just as useless.

If you use it and you make choices of your own, you’re going to be damned. If you act like a robot, and do EXACTLY what God tells you to, and do EXACTLY what he wants you to, then you’ll be rewarded and you’ll get to go to Heaven where you’ll get to continue to act like a robot, doing everything God wants you to, and using his will instead of your own.

So here’s my question.



Tough Questions for Christians 1: When Can God Forgive?

Let’s imagine I’m sitting at home, watching videos on YouTube, and I look out the window and watch you hit my car. Your car glances the side, it leaves an obvious dent and some scratches. Luckily, I had my webcam running and I caught you on video.

Now, let’s also imagine that I decided I’m going to give you 24 hours to specifically ask me for forgiveness and if you don’t — I’m going to light you on fire, and burn you to death.

Now here’s the catch — You don’t know whose car you hit.

You know you’ve done something wrong, you know you dented the car. You go around to everyone you think owns the car, you ask them to forgive you, you apologize. But you don’t make it to me.

The 24 hours comes and goes, finally, I confront you. I call you out, and I tell you it’s “Judgment Day.”

I call you in front of me, I show you the video, and I say: “Look, this is you hitting my car. You damaged it, you deserve to die.”

At this point, you apologize profusely saying: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was your car. I’m so sorry, I will do anything I can to make it right.”

Whereby I tell you that you had 24 hours to make it right and you failed to do so within that time frame. Now your time is up. I then promptly douse you in gasoline, light you on fire, and watch you burn.

Now, how does this relate to God?

Well, in life we sin. At least according to Christian theology. We know that everyone does something wrong once in a while. It could be as simple as telling a lie, or as grand as murder… or maybe you just don’t believe Jesus was God. Everyone does something wrong nearly every single day. We’re aware of that.

Supposedly God knows this. God watches over us and has sort of evidence, some spiritual recorder, which on Judgment Day he will be able to whip out and prove that we did indeed commit the crimes we’re being accused of.

We only have a specified amount of time to ask for forgiveness for these crimes. If we wait until we’re dead and ask for forgiveness from God on Judgment Day, it’ll be too late.

Once you’re actually accused of the crimes, and you ask for forgiveness, by then there is nothing that God can do. At that point the “all-powerful” creator of the world is powerless to help you.

So you must request forgiveness from God within your earthly lifetime. By the time he confronts you about your sins, or about the wrongs you’ve committed, it’s too late. You’re already going to be judged, the sentence has already been decided.

In my analogy, you had 24 hours. In the Bible analogy, you have one lifetime. Once the 24 hours is up, or once your lifetime is up, it’s Judgment Day.

In my story, I was the judge and I lit you on fire for denting my car. According to the Bible, God is the judge and he will burn you forever for simply not believing he exists… or for any other little tiny thing you may have done wrong during how ever long you happen to live.

The fact is, in both scenarios once you were actually confronted by the person who could pass Judgment it was too late.

If you die without believing in God, he’s already decided that you don’t deserve happiness, and you’re going to be burnt forever.

The ironic part is, the analogy doesn’t need to be an analogy. You could hit my car tomorrow, die within 24 hours, and Jesus /God can sentence you to Hell because you hit the car and drove away and you didn’t ask them for forgiveness before you died.